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Helping people is an integral part of who God created me to be. Whether it's through volunteering with various organizations or working with retirees and pre-retirees. I find great joy in supporting and guiding individuals through processes and learning about their life stories. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, I am committed to going above and beyond what is in the best interest of each and every one of our clients. I take a holistic approach to financial education and planning, meaning our team and I want to look at every aspect of a person's financial situation and makeup.

We specialize in working with older, Conservative-minded Investors who wish to enjoy their retirement without the stress and worries of market volatility. My holistic approach aims to truly understand each client's financial situation, risk tolerance, and retirement goals and dreams, in order to safeguard their retirement income and lifestyle. Our team aims to exceed our client's expectations and always put their best interests first, with full transparency. We want to understand your passions, your concerns, and your dreams... for your future, this is what drives us.‍

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About Justin Roberts

For nearly three decades, I have been a business owner.  In 1997, I started working with people to help them safeguard and protect their retirement income and lifestyle. I am currently a Certified Financial Fiduciary, and I'm licensed for Insurance needs in 26 states.  I have been a corporate trainer and public speaker for over 15 years.

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My wife Kristen and I have been happily married for 29 years and we have eight amazing children. Our family includes Jaiden, Jaxon (who is now married to Moriah), Keillor (married to Shane), Jude, Jaife, Kiersi, Kyrian, and Jhett. We live in Topeka with our beloved black lab/retriever, Flynn, and two cats named Stockings and Milo. We love exploring America's natural beauty, from beaches in California and Florida to mountains in Colorado, and northern lakes in states like Wisconsin and Maine. We've traveled coast-to-coast and cherish the rich history we find, particularly in Washington D.C. and the mid-Atlantic region. We're also passionate about music and playing instruments like the piano, cello, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and drums. We enjoy remodeling our current home that was built in the 1880's. In our free time, we love playing games together as a family and watching theater productions, especially Broadway shows in New York City and Kansas City. Volunteering is also a big part of our family's values, and we enjoy serving and helping others through our church and organizations like the Topeka Rescue Mission and TeenPact Leadership Schools.

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- Matthew 5:16 -
Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Justin's Team

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Leslie Husarenko


Leslie Husarenko has extensive experience working in the financial industry for the past 25 years assisting top producers with client services. She has tremendous experience with Life products and is a registered insurance agent. She is known for her friendliness and knowledge assisting new clients with our onboarding process, she makes it her mission to address and solve customer's questions efficiently.

Leslie is a proud mom of three and has six loving grandchildren, on weekends you will find Leslie cruising around on her boat enjoying the island life.

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Joe Clark


Joseph Clark has been providing assistance to retired, pre-retired clients and also independent advisors throughout the country for twenty-three years. He is an experienced teacher, published author and financial educator. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of preservation and distribution of wealth, retirement planning strategies, reduction of financial risk, lowering of taxes and protecting assets.

Joseph prides himself on his ability to provide his clients with proper planning and sound advice. His career in the Financial Services industry began as a Marketing Consultant. Joseph has earned his CFEd® certification with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education.

Joseph teaches health care planning and Income planning for retirees and pre-retirees. This experience has allowed him to become a successful advisor while assisting his clients in enhancing their piece of mind.

Joseph and his wife, Kimberly reside in Littleton, Colorado. They are the proud parents of three children: Haily, Kaira and Ivaiah,Grandson Makaio.

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James Jurica


James has worked in the financial services industry his entire professional career starting right out of college. He has a passion for working with clients and helping them achieve their long-term financial goals. His main area of focus is on the investment management side of financial planning. James has a focus on risk management and wants to ensure that during the investment process, the focus stays on reducing risk and volatility in clients’ portfolios while still achieving the returns needed to accomplish the objective of the client. James has achieved the Certified Financial Planner CFP®, less than 20% of all financial advisors are CFP® and this advanced training and education allows James to provide the highest quality service and value to clients. He has also achieved the Chartered Financial Consultant CHFC®, Chartered Life Underwriter CLU®, Retirement Income Certified Professional RICP®, and Accredited Estate Planner AEP®. These designations have given James more training and insight on a wide variety financial planning areas. James is married to his wonderful wife Abbey, and they have a 2 year old son together and enjoy spending time at the lake together.

Advisory services offered by Wealth Watch Advisors, LLC. Wealth Watch is an independent advisory service and not affiliated with Maximum Asset Preservation Specialists nor any of it's affiliates. The company, and its investment adviser representatives, may not accept orders to affect purchase or sale transactions, accept funds, securities, or similar instructions via email or voicemail.

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Image of Peter Gerdes

Peter Gerdes


Peter has loved art since as far back as his memories go - and has been drawing his world for about the same. But when he was asked to design his first logo when he was 15, he knew that he had found his calling.  Passion is knowing that what you do makes a difference.  Peter takes ideas from his clients, and turns them into designs, and then develop those designs into forms that rock our world.

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