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About the firm

As you can see when you come to our webpage, that beautiful capitol building is located here in Topeka, the capitol of Kansas. Maximum Asset Preservation Specialists, M.A.P.S. for short, is all about making sure you are headed in the right direction to achieve your best financial position moving forward.  If you are going someplace you have not been in the past, it would be in your best interest to have a detailed and accurate map to guide you in the correct route to your destination.  Here at M.A.P.S. we design you a financial map, based on your long range interests and desires, to direct you in a safe and secure path to your financial destination.  It is also very important to our team members to confirm that you understand and agree with the direction we are presenting to you for your successful road map to financial stability.  M.A.P.S. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is dedicated to helping you get educated about current financial conditions.

About Russ Conroy

Russ has been in the Topeka area his entire life except when he attended college at Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia KS and when he was in the military as a Navy Pilot.  When he was in flight training in Pensacola FL, his dad called him one night and told him his younger brother, Ron, who was an Army helicopter pilot, had been killed in an aircraft accident.  Because of that event, Russ understands respect in a much different way than most people!  If you are involved in building a financial road map for your clients, respect and honesty are extremely important!  After returning from being a Navy pilot Russ was a building contractor for 12 years and a computer programmer for 8 years.  He also taught computer programming at a local private university during his programming years.  If you want to get better at whatever it is you are doing, it really helps to teach it!  Russ has been involved in the insurance industry since 1995.  Helping clients and educating them about a detailed road map to move successfully to your financial destination is very satisfying and enjoyable for Russ and the team here at M.A.P.S.  It would be very informative for anyone interested in being educated about current financial conditions that would affect your successful road map to attend one the upcoming webinars presented by Russ and the team.

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